Math Tests/Quizzes/Projects/Notices

TimeMay 15, 2013

from:Otero, Debbie

to:Math 8 , 513

5/10/13  French Fry Project is due on Wednesday, 5/15

Help Night is finished for this school year.  I hope everyone has a wonderfully relaxing summer!

If a student is absent, an M will be entered into Thinkwave and a note will say absent. The student will be given appropriate time to complete the assignment for full credit.   If a student is in school and just does not complete his/her HW, a 0 will be put into the gradebook. Partial credit can still be earned for these assignments.  I hope this clarifies the difference between an M and a 0.



Posted on this page will be the dates of upcoming math tests, quizzes and projects.