Welcome Sacred Heart of Jesus School


TimeSept. 18, 2012

from:Tobergte, Sarah

to:Homeroom 207

Math-We are working with tens and hundreds this week.  Their test will come home today from the last chapter. Please sign it and send it back in with your child.
Spelling- The words for the week are (but, the, by, they, for, this, from, to, had, you, have, was) Extra (friend, Wednesday)
Religion- This week we will talk about how The Holy Spirit is present in our lives. 
Writing- We are working on adding details to our writing.  You can help your child out by talking about different things they could write about.
Handwriting- We are reviewing how to print.  We have been talking about how their writing needs to be legible.  We want to read what they have to say.
Reading- We have been reading some great books. We read the same book throughout the week to improve fluency and comprehension.  You can talk with your child about what they are reading at school.
Hope everyone has a great week!