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Daily Planner

TimeJan. 27, 2012

to:All Students

Planner for 4/23/12- 2/28/12
Math: Chapter 1 Test

HW: None

Language Arts: Sp. Test Unit 5 Small vowel sounds


Literature: Stone Fox Ch. 9 and multiple choice quiz

HW: None

Social Studies: Christopher Columbus

HW: 20 notes

Science: Introduce Unit F Chapter 1 Lesson 1: Motin and Forces

HW: Finish Reading Lesson 1

Daily Activity: St. Patricks day activty and Easter activity

HW: None

S.O.S. Class: Lesson 7

HW: 1.WB pg. 86  2. Read WB pgs.      3. WB pgs. 94-96


Teacher: Mr. Glaves :)