Vocabulary and abbreviations


from:Woodard, Jackie

to:All Students

Time Feb. 19, 2012

Thank you sounds so inadequate, but be assured that I say it with profound sincerity.  The card is beautiful, cute, creative, heartfelt, and appropriately ironic!  I smile every single time it crosses my field of vision.  I know, I have said this to you guys many times, but as a group and as individuals, you continue to amaze me.  And believe me, I am NOT easily impressed and I do not give out superfluous or gratuitous compliments.
Now, for a little bit of business.    Somehow in all of this craziness, I remembered my promise of passing along a list of abbreviations. This excellent list of OB terms and acronyms was compiled by Robyn Mattox, who has kindly given her permission for distribution to FSTM students. The list is the best I have seen and contains useful, purposeful vocabulary you will use in documentation every day in your practice.  I will try to post it to ThinkWave later today or tomorrow.  I do not have Quiz 2 graded but when I do, I will post that grade to ThinkWave.  I will be sure to have the hard copy of Quiz 2 back to you in time to review for Mid-term.
My roller coaster ride has slowed but it is far from over.  I have been humbled by the experience and learned valuable lessons.  I am going to rest now.

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