from:Woodard, Jackie

to:All Students

Time Feb. 20, 2012

files: TAKE HOME EXAM #6.docx

HealthCare Skills II SPRING 2012     _______________________________________________

• Varney 3rd Edition: Chapter 2 Basics of Management of Care (focus on the ROS for the Muscular-Skeletal)
• Jarvis:  5th Edition:   Chapter 22 (Musculoskeletal)
• Weaver 4th Edition:  Section II, pages 28 and 29.  CVAT and Clonus.

When speaking of physical exam, you have heard my mantra, “ALWAYS compare side to side”.  This is especially true when screening a musculo-skeletal complaint.  Keep in mind that you should inspect and palpate the unaffected or normal side first so that you have a basis of comparison.

• So we begin with inspection:    What are you looking for when inspecting or screening the MS system?


• Then palpation:  What are we determining during palpation?


• Range of motion:   Describe the difference between ACTIVE range of motion and PASSIVE range of motion.



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