from:Taylor, Denise

to:IV Workshop-Summer12

Time May 31, 2012

Hello ladies,

Our workshop is scheduled for July 18, 2012.  At least one of you has indicated that this is a problem.  This is a smalll group and I am open to changing the date if some other date works better for everyone.  Erin has given us the ok to change it as well if everyone is in agreement. 

Would you please discuss this as a group and get back to me with a decision regarding whether or not to change it and if so, then also the new date.  I teach on Fridays already, so that day is not available. 

There has also been some discussion regarding whether or not you will stick each other.  This is another decision that the group needs to make.  I am fine either way.  There is a lot to be learned without actually sticking each other, we have a very realistic IV arm to practice with.  It's also possible that some may agree to be stuck and others not agree, we can work with both.  I am confident that even if you chose not to be stuck or actually stick someone, you will gain much from the class, including the confidence you need to have good IV skills.

I'm looking forward to working with you ladies! Denise

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