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Resource Guide Formatting

TimeJune 18, 2012

from:Locker, Taylor

to:1130 Psych for MW

Hi all - 

I want to clarify something about the formatting for the Resource Guide. You may format it however you wish since the assignment is intended to serve as a starting point for you to be able to tell clients in the future about the psychological and social services in your practice area. I would highly recommend a 'formal' format - well organized, easy to read font, the same structure throughout, and medium sized font (12 or 14 pt). However, it could definitely have your own personal touch like a header with your name on it or border or something. It does not need to strictly APA format but you may do that if you wish. I will give your some readability feedback but will only deduct points if it is incomplete or very sloppy. 

Email me if you'd like further clarification!