Presentation Information and Notes for the Research Papers

from:Locker, Taylor

to:1130 Psych for MW

Time July 09, 2012

Hi all - 

I am finishing up comments for you all tonight and tomorrow morning. So check your school email addresses for any comments I have that I think will helpful for the presentation Monday afternoon.

Overall, remember to review this rubric:

Each student will create a presentation based on his or her research findings in the form of an oral presentation. This presentation should last approximately 10 minutes. Students should prepare a PowerPoint presentation to facilitate the delivery of the material and provide all students (and the instructor) with a handout summarizing the presentation.

Grading Criteria*

 -- Communication of Topic and Importance   10 points
 -- Midwifery Applications                                   10 points
 -- Time Limit                                                          5 points
 -- PowerPoint                                                        5 points      
 -- Professionalism and Delivery                       10 points
 -- Handouts for Class                                         10 points

*Presentations of poor quality will lose points from across point categories

A few things ---

1) keep in mind your handouts should be created by YOU and are meant to demonstrate information to your fellow students in creative and brief ways. It should not just be a print out of your powerpoint slides!!!

2) practice your presentations to make them professional sounding and coherent

3) you all have very interesting topics, we want to hear you talk! try to relax to make your presentations great!

4) you may email me your presentation slides if you want me to just pull them for class Friday

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