Preclamsia and HELLP Syndrome

from:Ruffalo, Michelle

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Time Aug. 05, 2012

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Attached is a handout to help determine Preeclampsia

Laboratory Tests for Preeclampsia and Eclampsia

Assessment for High Risk of Developing Preeclampsia
Goal: Establish baseline levels early in pregnancy and monitor for progression to HELLP or severe preeclampsia.

   ◦Platelet count
•Urine protein (12 or 24 hour) #1 test
•Comp. Metabolic Panel

*Studies have shown that a Uric Acid test is no longer used to diagnose Preeclampsia*

*PT and PTT is done once preeclampsia has been diagnosed and there is theraputic monitoring

Diagnosis of HELLP Syndrome

   ◦Bilirubin >1.2 mg/dL
   ◦Peripheral blood smear abnormal
   ◦Lactate dehydrogenase >600 U/L
•Liver function tests
   ◦ALT & AST elevated
•Platelet count <100 x109/L

Diagnosed Preeclampsia (Therapeutic Monitoring)

•All of the above
•Coagulation testing ( PT and PTT)

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