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Final Grades

TimeAug. 10, 2012

from:Earley, Kaitlin

to:1330 Antepartum

For the majority of you, final grades are complete. I finally managed to get grades to display according to the syllabus grading scheme by adding a column for quiz and case study average. Please contact me if you need explanation of how that figure was obtained - basically your first quiz grade, an extra filler quiz to equalize grades where everyone got a free 10 point quiz, and your case study grades.

For those of you who have any blanks in an assignment column, your final grade is NOT complete, and you will await further information. (you know who you are!)

Blessings to all of you - it has been a wonderful semester, and I hope very rewarding for you! I'm looking forward to seeing you all for Intrapartum in a couple of weeks!