Important Reminders - Google Plus, Research Paper Topics, Assignments

TimeSept. 21, 2012

from:Locker, Taylor

to:1130 Psych for MW - Fall 2012

I found the three people that were not in the circle on google + and added you just now. Hopefully we are all in the circle now. We will use this for the next assignment due by class next week.

I still have not heard from 3 people about research topics. As posted in the syllabus and I have said in lecture, if I do not hear from you this will negatively affect your final research paper grade. Please email before the end of the day with three topics you are considering for your research paper - meaning what are three things you may be interested in studying this term.

Also, I will be responding to those emails and sending you feedback about your first assignment "Thoughts on Psychology" shortly so please check your email for them in the next day or two.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the assignments due next Friday.