clarification for Midterm exam - and a note about participation

from:Kow, Serena

to:1203-1203L Healthcare Skills 2 + Lab - Sp15

Time March 09, 2015

The Midterm will be March 16th, from 1:15-3:15.  This gives us an hour to review any questions / clarify any concerns, 2 hours to take it, and an hour to grade it.  I like to have exams graded and grades in before the class / day ends.

I have decided to include only 2 questions from each guest lecture day, on the midterm, due to the amount of information that you guys will need to know / study/ review already.  The rest of the exam comes DIRECTLY from the power points and lecture and handout materials (lecture and the hanouts supplemented the power points - there will be no tricky surprises.)

The exam has not been written to trick or confuse you.  It is very much a test of basic, core information, presented in MULTIPLE CHOICE format, to assure that you understand the BASICS, and the CRITICAL information presented thus far.  If there is a slide on it, assume you should know it.  The exam is written from the power points.

The power points were written with your Practical Skills Guide as a guide for me, and include the information and knowledge that you will encounter on a practical level, commonly, in your clinical sites and in your future practice as midwives.

We review the exams immediatly after you take them, and I adjust exam grades as needed, after questions are reviewed and tests are graded.  You would have to really try to not do well, to fail the exam, if you are studying as instructed.

One final note: You are all given points for class participation, and it pains me to hear that several of you did NOT participate in some of the guest lecture reviews, and were in fact found by the Guest Lecturer in the hallway, NOT ATTENDING the review.  Points will be deducted from your individual grades for this, and I expect more professional behaviour in the future.  

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