Power Point - Post Partum Emergencies


from:Kow, Serena

to:1203-1203L Healthcare Skills 2 + Lab - Sp15

Time March 09, 2015

files: compofppWONOTES.ppt ,   physical assessment.pptx

Here is the power points to study for your midterm / final exam.  Your final will be cumulative, and cover core concepts from the entire course, and include a full physical assessment that you will video for me to view.  


Midterm will cover the information we have covered thus far, and include questions from your guest lecture days.  Focus on the two Power Points that I have given you.

Several of you have expressed to me that you feel that you are strongly lacking in medical terminlolgy.  I am creating an assingment for you to have turned into me by next week (March 16th), so that you can have a handle on the medical terminology for the mid-term.  I will put a short definition of any specific terms in "(***)"  form, next to the term, on the exam, to stave off anyone getting stuck with a definition.  But these are all words / concepts that you should know for the NARM, and for charting in your clincals now, and later in your profesional setting.  Believe it or not, all of these terms will become second nature to you, in a short amount of time, and you will find it hard to remember NOT knowing what "ambulation" or "pylonephritis" means.  :)


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