to:All Students

Time Sept. 24, 2013

Dear Parents,

I am pleased to inform you that our class will be starting a garden this year.  We will be starting the process of seeking donations and fundraising. Below is a list of materials we will need.  We appreciated any materials you have or would like to donate. We will also be reaching out to local businesses for donations. All donors will be listed on a plaque in the garden as well as well as the school’s yearbook. 

Quantity-                 Item

10 pairs -               Garden Gloves
2 -                           Large shovels
5-                            Hand shovels
Variety Needed-   Plants, flowers
Variety Needed -  Vegetable seeds
1 -                           32 gallon heavy-duty plastic trash can with fitted lid
1-                             brass faucet with 2 threaded washers
1-                             flexible gutter downspout
Variety-                   Outdoor Paint (color variety )
1 -                            Exterior Stain (any color) and applicator
10 -                          Paint brushes
3-5 -                         Large plastic disposable tarps (for painting and staining)

1                               Hose



A special Thank you to Pamela and Dennis Kresky for their generous donation!

A special Thank you to Bill and Linda Silva for their generous donation!

Thank you to the Ocomen family for their seed donation!

Thank you to the Shiloh family for their seed donation!

Thank you to the Jefferies family for their monetary donation! 

Thank you to Dave Silva and Hilcrest Topsoil!

Thank you Trever Hamlin for donating your time and equipment!



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