to:All Students

Time April 02, 2012

Dear Parents,
    This note/email is to inform you of a minor adaption to the assignment journal system that has been implemented.  If you reference the key at the top of the journal, you will see that I will no longer be going through every child's every assignment every day before it goes home.  I will continue to initial the assignments that I collect in class (any assignment that your child cannot produce proof of to you each night).  I will leave the boxes of assignments that will be going home blank to encourage the children to mark the work themselves in order to help them remember.  So please be sure to continue going over your child's journal & assignments each night. 
   RECAP:  My initials- you will not see this assignment
                 No initials-  your child should be able to show you this assignment (even if they already completed it)
    REMINDER::: Reading is one of the biggest keys to your child's success.  If they are not doing their home reading, this not only affects their homework grade, but also their ability to perform well on other assignments.  There are reading assignments on the weekends, and these must also be signed off in order to receive credit as noted at the top of the journal.  I cannot stress enough how important this is.
    Please think of the daily assignment journal as your child's daily/weekly status report.  When you check over your child's work that has come home you will be able to tell how your child is doing in school.  If they got the majority of the answers wrong, we can deduce that they either didn't pay attention or didn't understand, and need some more review.  If they have the majority correct, then they are on track and just need to continue studying.  By Thursday or Friday evening, you have the opportunity to look at the whole week and see if the week as a whole went well.  If you see that only half the reading assignments were signed, then you can know that your child will have a 50% for their homework reading for the week.  We do our best to keep you up to date with your child's progress here at ACA.  I encourage you to take full advantage of our communications.
    Also, please make sure your child is bringing their tools and materials to school every day.  The class rule is that EVERY book goes home EVERY night whether they think they need it or not.  So every book must return each day in order for them to complete the day's assignment.  I do not have extra books in class. 
   As the year is coming to a close I keep my sight on this thought: "In a race you don't slow down as you approach the finish line, but break out in a sprint and push as hard as you can to make up any lost ground over the course of the race."  Let's end this year strong!
Thank You,
     Mrs. Jessica

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