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Reaction Rate HW

TimeApril 18, 2012

from:Chamberlin, Amanda


These problems can be found on pg. 547 in the Prentice Hall Chemistry textbook.

1. How is the rate of a chemical reaction expressed? (I didn't give you an official defnition of this yet. The rate of chemical change, or the raction rate, is usually expressed as the amount of reactant changing per unit time.)

2. What are four factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction?

3. Suppose a thin sheet of zinc containing 0.2 mol of the metal is completely converted to zinc oxide (ZnO) in one month. How would you express the rate of conversion of the zinc?

4. Does every collision between reacting particles lead to products? Explain.

5. Refrigerated food stays fresh for long periods. The same food stored at room temperature quickly spoils. Why?