from:Bashore, Ashlee 'Lizz'

to:All Students

Time Jan. 03, 2017


After two weeks of sorting, decoding and attempts to mind read- all grades that were able to be recorded were indeed put in. Many of you did not include a way for me to figure out who wrote it, when it was written and what journal it was for. That is a problem. I did the very best I could to make sure every journal was logged to the appropriate number and person by reason of deduction. 


Check your journals. If you believe you have written one for a day that isn't logged, you must speak with me. I have an entire pile of journals without names and dates.


Moving forward. If you do not include your name, the date and the journal entry number on the homework, you will not receive credit for the work. I am not in the business of telepathy. Put your name, date and journal entry number on it, like asked in the syllabi. 

VOICE III: Make sure you've attempted to transcribe "STS" in IPA. Know your monologues and be off book for your shakes scene. Journals are due tomorrow. Bring your packet to class as well.


VOICE I: Be studying voice and speech means of production. Know your monologues and scenes... we start the last leg of our work! :)


Hope you all had a restful break! See you all soon!



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