Elements/Grades PLEASE READ!!!


from:Bashore, Ashlee 'Lizz'

to:SPCH 1342 - Speech and Phonetics, MT

Time May 11, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Your grades have been posted on thinkwave for "the elements" exam. 

Also, you will notice two new additional grades, they will be deleted and re-entered with what you actually earn on your IPA/Anatomy exam. There is an additional extra credit column, too. 


The "WHAT YOU NEED ON IPA/ANATOMY TO PASS"  is the grade you need to make on the exam to pass the course. For some of you, you must ace the exam and then additionally do the amount of extra credit listed in the "EXTRA CREDIT POINTS YOU NEED TO PASS" section.


Again, a reminder about forms of extra credit. You may do a 10 pages research paper on voice and speech training in America from 1950's to now. That would be graded up to 30 points.


Option #2: Go see a play. Compare and contract a femal voice and a male voice. Write me a two page paper, double spaced with ticket stub attatched.  10 points each. You may do as many as you'd like.


All papers are due to me on YOUR last day of class: 5/17


Refer to the previous email for the detailed information about extra credit requirements. 


Questions, please get into contact with me.



P. Lizz


Additionally, please exscuse spelling and grammar errors. It's late.

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