Thursday's Assignment

from:Willis, Resa

to:BIOL 2301 - Human Biology, MT 2/ACT 2

Directions were sent through email last week, but here they are again in case you missed them:

Here is your presentation and assignment for next Thursday's class. This session does not require a Zoom class meeting. I will determine the need for video meetings as we go along. 

You have the foundational knowledge for Bacteria and Viruses already, so this is an extension of what you've already learned. You're getting this WAY ahead of time in case you want to use your time off to do it.  Otherwise, use your allotted class time for next week to do this. 

It is due on Thursday 3/26. 



This will count for TWO (2) grades. If you turn it in on or before 3/26, you receive full participation grade AND the actual assignment grade.


1) Go through the presentation first

2) Answer the questions on the attached assignment


Turning in work -> Download the attached document and fill in answers, then send it as an attachment in a separate email

OR (if your handwriting is neat), print it, answer questions, and send it back either as a scan or a ***clear*** photo attachment.

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