1st Semester Private Lessons


from:Schraeder, Mike

to:DRAM 1351 - Introduction to Acting, A/B, DRAM 1351 - Introduction to Acting, Spec

Time March 24, 2020

Dear 1st Semester Acting Students,

Some of you have reached out to me with concerns about missing out on actual face-to-face instruction with your teachers.  I prefer to be in an actual classroom/theatre as well but, unfortunately, every acting student and acting teacher in North America is going through the same thing we are.  We're not the only ones, trust me.

This is why I will be offering private lessons to all of the 1st semester acting students once we return later this Spring or in the Summer.  I will be giving people the options of either working one-on-one with me and other available acting, voice, and movement instructors or two-on-one with a scene partner, whichever is more convenient for you guys.  This can happen when you and your classmates are not in class or, if we receive permission from your teacher, during a class when you are only observing the work of others and not actually performing something in class. Other times available include between 3:00 and 6:00 during the week, and on the weekends if you make an appointment two days in advance.   I believe this will give all of you not only a chance to get the actual experience of working "live" (which the virus outbreak is preventing us from doing) with me, Niko, Andre, or any of our other acting teachers, but you will actually be getting "extra" one-on-one work that will encompass not only acting but also voice and movement and private coaching.  

Many of the instructors who do don't currently have (Linda Leonard, Sarah Rutan, Bob Coonrod, etc.) as performance instructors have already agreed to work with your class once we return as well. I think they also miss working in the classroom too and volunteered immediately.

As soon as we are cleared to go back to the building, we will.  I will notify everyone as soon as I know.

Thank you and see you tomorrow at 10:35.

Dr. Schraeder

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