Misc. Important Info


from:Willis, Resa

to:SPCH 1315 - Fundamentals of Public Speaking, ACT 2/MPP 3

Time March 26, 2020

Hi all,

Hope you're not going too stir-crazy.  I know this is not the ideal situation for any of us, but it seems that from speaking to other faculty members, overall the students are making the best of it.  That's great to hear. Here are some points I wanted to communicate:

1) Thank you to all who turned in their work this week. I'm still missing nine people's assignments. You still have time to get your work in for credit, and it's definitely less than three hours' worth of work, so please make sure you do it.

2) Several of you did not read #8 thoroughly on this week's assignment. If you did not, I sent you a reminder to submit a special occassion speech script. The scripts I have read are GREAT so far. 

3) We will go live on Zoom next Tuesday. I'm sure you've done this already with other instructors this week, so you should be acclimated to it by now.

4) Half of you will deliver your special occasion speech next week- the other half the week after. Please rehearse. The first group to go will be these: Wimbrey, Sellers, Sanchez, Rimmer, Montague, Mendez, Leonard, Lenard, Kirton, Jones, Hernandez, Hawkins, and Hart. 

5) I will send you a Zoom link for next week's class later on.

6) Wash your hands.  :)

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