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Pre-Algebra Beginnings

TimeAug. 28, 2012

to:All Students

The first few days of school are always rough for kids because they feel like they are not learning new things.  Well that is the case here on day 5.  We are reviewing mental math estimation to aid in their future understanding of estimation within Algebra.  The cool thing about estimation is that it has so many practical applications within everyday life.  For example, you walk into a store with $40, you pick out two items that cost $24.99 and $14.99 will you have enough with tax to pay for the two items?  Depending on the state tax where you live you may or may not.  If you round $24.99 to $25 and $14.99 to $15 and add that puts you at $40 even, so with tax you would not have enough.  We are teaching your students to use Math wherever they go.