Notes About Memorial Day and Grades

from:Esposito, Amira

to:10-4 - English (Ms. Esposito)

Time May 22, 2020

On Monday we honor Memorial Day across the country, as we remember those who died in our country's battles and wars. There is no school on Monday (and I will not post any new assignments until Tuesday). Please use this time to catch up on any missed assignments you may have. Check Thinkwave for your grades. For our class, a passing grade is the completion of all the assignments we have done during the quarter. The last day of the school year is June 5th. We will have online classes until the last day of school. As you may know, Final Exams for all your classes have been canceled but teachers may assign you projects. Grades for the fourth quarter have been adjusted.
A ---> 100.00%
A- ---> 92.25%
B+ ---> 89.25%
B ---> 86.00%
F ---> 48.75%
Pass ---> Will not count in the Sem2 average
A PASS grade is for students whose grade this quarter has fallen below their average score. During this time, we recognize that your academic achievement may not have been at its best so we don't want to penalize students who normally do good work but because of external circumstances outside of their control have seen their grades slipped. This could be due to stress related at home, change in one's home life, medical issues, and other conditions made worse by the COVID-19 crisis. It is still possible to fail the semester if a student simply does not turn in any assignments, or goes "dark" and we have no way of contacting you, and so on. It looks likes to me, all of you in English 10 are passing the course. So there is no need to worry. Please keep up your steady work and reach out if you need help with anything. We are here to help if you need it. Also, please let me know if you have any questions about grades this quarter, or in general.

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