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Assignment 1 for Coordinated Science Yr 11

TimeJan. 14, 2012

to:CSC Year 11AB

Dear Yr 11 CSC students,

i know that your exercise books are with me over the weekend. i will finish marking them during the weekend and i would like you to complete your 1st assignment by Thursday 19 Jan 2012 so i can give it back to you on Friday.

For those who might be traveling earlier than the school holiday begins you will have to email me your assignment before you go or complete it during the holiday. Late submission will be penalised. You don't need the exercise book to complete the assignment. You can do it on A4 papers and scan them or taking photo with your smartphone then send it to my email cruisewck@gmail.com

Assignment 1

page 157 Q4

page 159 Q2

page 163 Q1