Assignment submission and marking policy

to:All Students

Time Jan. 20, 2012

To all my students,

I am officially inform you that if for any reason you couldn't complete your assignment on time please do let me know at least two days in advance so I will give you extra time to finish it. Otherwise any late submission will be penalised with a deduction of 10% from the total marks you get per day. After 5 days you will be graded zero in your result.

I am not threathening you but just hope that you are responsible for your work. If you feel that you are very reluctant or quite hard to awake yourselve to work diligently then you must take this opportunity to train yourself up.

Guys, it is only fair to everyone if i implement the system with transparency and fairness. So i will not hesitate to make deduction on any late submission without prior notice.

I understand that sometimes circumstances occur. You may have personal reasons such as you have love affairs, low emotional period, family issues, or any excuses, please do communicate with me. i am here to provide guidance and assistance. An advanced notice would make your life easier and happier.

A very happy chinese new year to all of you!



Chee Wong

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