Things You Need To Do !!!

to:Year 11 Physics B

Time Feb. 03, 2012

Hi All Year 11B Physics Students,

While i am away for my trip to Australia, i want you to do the following work in the classroom for the days i am away. Please make sure you complete all the work on the same day and submit to the relief teacher. Your work will be awarded marks in your total coursework weightage. I do not accept any late submission. All late submission will be awarded zero. I would like to make this rule as strict as i can because this is a good chance to develop your self learning ability.

7 Feb 2012 (Tue) 1130 - 1230

Class monitor please go to teachers' office on my desk to collect your workbooks.

Step 1: Turn to page 85 on your workbook and complete the questions up to page 87. For those who do not have a workbook please share with your friends and write your answers on papers. You don't copy the questions but i expect good numbering system on the paper so i can see it clearly. Please refer to your textbook for answers.

Step 2:  Keep your workbook. You will need to complete other questions next lesson.


9 Feb 2012 (Thu) 1300 - 1430 pm

This is your Test 1.

Step 1: The relief teacher will bring you test papers and distribute to you.

Step 2: Complete all questions within the class time.

Step 3: Submit your test papers to the relief teacher before you go.


13 Feb 2012 (Mon) 0830 - 1000 am

Step 1: Continue questions on your workbook page 88 - 93.

Step 2: Complete questions on papers not your exercise book. Again for those who do not have the workbook please share with your friend and write me the answers on a piece of paper and don;t copy questions.

Step 3: Submit your work to relief teacher on the same day and same class. No late submission.

Enjoy self learning and i will see you soon.

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