Assessments in September 2013


to:All Students

Time July 26, 2013

Dear All Students,

In September, when you start your academic-year in your new year group, you will be assessed on in Maths, English (all areas), Science, ICT and Additional Studies. These assessments will show your teacher your levels. The examinations will probably be C-G (Computer Generated). Please get your brains ready for your examinations as we are taking serious action to children who misbehave during the tests. Students with poor behaviour during the tests will be dismissed 20 minutes later than the end of the school day. Detentions and Hourly Isolations will be recorded on our systems and we will not tolerate with inappropriate, irresponsible behaviour. Please note that the examinations will be during the first week back. The first day, Tuesday 3rd September, will be a day used to introduce yourself to the class teacher and class. Wednesday will be the testing day where you will be tested for all subjects. If you were in the school at the start but when the register was taken, you weren't in, you will get a detention of 20 minutes. Children with appropriate reasons for their absence will need to speak to the class teacher when you first in. 

Please get ready on the night of Tuesday 3rd September for your tests.


Hoping that you will take responsibility in getting yourselves ready for the tests ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Agit Karatas

Education Support Officer - Admin and School Leader

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