More planner checks and study notes

from:Willis, Teri

to:All Students

Time Aug. 23, 2013

Happy Friday!  This weekend parents should continue to check the home work spiral against the test agenda (located in the parent book that was handed out on Wednesday evening) for Oct and Nov.  Daily work will continue to take place on the GBHW sheets.  Remember, that study habits taken in small bites are much better for long term memory.  Each item is to be done in order and then signed by the parent at the bottom that it is completed.  I collect the GBHW sheet each Friday for a test grade.  Parents should also be checking their home work spiral (dayplanner).  Each has math to finish as well as a DG 14 and 15 (check it in red pen and they rework it on a seperate paper.  There is SS page 9-14 and the quick check that is written in complete sentences (students MUST pull the information out of the book.  Shortly, I will have this information on the grade book section.  This is a new program and I am learning as I go.  Thanks for sharing your child with me this year.  Blessings, Teri Willis                                                                                                                                                          

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