to:All Students

Time Oct. 27, 2013

Science fair notes will be completed by Monday night by adding the last category, reference. This week our biblography will be completed (updated if needed later) and we begin our first draft on Friday.  We will concentrate 3 hours to this....please bring your lap top and memory stick.  You will be continuing to write over the weekend.  Now is the time to begin cleaning up your material list (metric US customary) and pin pointing your proceedures.  Students were given a time line on Thursday to follow and it is written on the board by the printer as well.  It is very important to follow this time line so you will keep your grades up and not be working on this during Thanksgiving or Christmas breaks.   We will also be planning a workshop right after Christmas to put together our boards.  All family members are encouraged to come and help.  Our boards are white and students should pick out their color of card stock that they wish to back everything in.  This is time consuming and parents are encouraged to help with this process.

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