Oct 8. Wed. at home class work



to:Sixth Grade

Time Oct. 08, 2014

1. Accept email invitation.

2. Bible - page 52....11:1-3     11:4-6 and 31-34     12:1-4 and 11-23   16:35-50

                  read this together and answer the questions

                   take a picture and send to me

                   practice the Old Testament (Law / Pentateuch)....look in her homework binder for this information.  Work on those 5 books in order and knowing there is 39 books in the OT. 

3. Wordly Wise - We always call this WW

                WW 1 B - read the sentence, select the vocab word that is correct....write each word above the dark phrase.  Take a picture and email it to me.

                 WW 1 C - Place the meanings (all of them...my shorten), select the correct answer (may be more than 1).  Take a picture and sent to me via text.

4. Latin - All of the prep sheet is completed and in her home work binder.  Each section is seven pages, however we do not complete a page a day.....this is an area that builds over time....we go deep rather than wide.  The highlighted words (only those) should be drilled oral.  There are six pages....prefix, root, and suffix .....each section has a small selection to work from.  Oral drill.

5. EG (Easy Grammar) - make a voice recording of her saying the prepositions about 8 times in order.  This is something that she will be listening to and it is great to have it in her voice.  Sit with her to make sure that she does not leave any out.  Next, you do the recording about 8 times in order while she listens.  On Friday you will repeat this.

6. DG (Daily Grammar) - day 2.  Answers are in the homework notebook (for you to check).  Guide her through the sentence combining by crossing out words.

7. Hand writing - Highlight number choices through twenty.  Write the numbers (in words not numeric) on a paper.  She then can softly sweep across the words.  I used the example of make up.  She should be reminded not to go back over the letters and it should be soft....silent....flowing.

Please let me know if you have questions.  Blessings, Teri Willis 817-975-6209


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