English Homework for May 7 -11


from:McCord, Katrina

to:9th & 10th English

Time May 04, 2012

This is a copy of next week's homework schedule as well as all test and quizzes.    

Monday: Grammar - pg 194 Ex. B

                   ****Read Book Report Book***

               Vobac - List 10B - 2x; Definition - Synonyms - 2x; R/P/S - 2x

Tuesday:  ***No Class***

                 Grammar Worksheet must be completed

                 ***Read Book Report Book*** 

                  Vocab - List 10B Words 2x; Vocabulary with Synonyms;

                               Roots/Prefix/Suffix 2x  ***Quiz TOMORROW*** 

Wednesday: :)  **Read Book Report Book**

Thursday: Grammar - Pg. 199, Ex. H - I Even Numbers ONLY

                 Vocab -  List 11A Words 2x; Vocabulary with Definitions 2x

                       ***BOOK REPORT TO BE DONE TOMORROW IN CLASS***    

Friday - Grammar - Test Tuesday!!! Complete Worksheet!!!!

              Vocab - List 11A Words 2x; Vocabulary with Definitions 2x

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mrs. McCord

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