from:Love, Angela

to:9th & 10th English

Time Jan. 29, 2016

This quarter your student will be working on an in depth research paper. He/she has already chosen an author to research and should have chosen out 7 resources from which to gather information (the Internet offers a vast wealth of info!). Over the next couple of weeks your student will be working on a total of 30 notecards of information and quotes to use as references within his research paper. If your student has completed his 7 Resource cards and brings them with him to class then as time permits he will be granted computer time in class to work on his 30 notecards. Research Paper deadlines can be found in the homework assignments. I will be assigning its completion one step at a time - for instance, the first 20 notecards will be due on a specific date, a thesis statement, then the outline, the next 10 cards, then the rough draft, and finally the final draft-typed. This quarter's Book Report is tied to the research paper; therefore, the book selection must either be about your student's chosen author or written by the author. Book selection is due Tuesday, 2/2/16.

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