from:Racano, Chris

to:Physical Education 1 A (C. Racano), Physical Education 1 B (C. Racano), Physical Education 2 (C. Racano), Physical Education 3 (C. Racano), Physical Education 4 (C. Racano), Physical Education 5 (C. Racano), Physical Education 6 (C. Racano), Physical Education 7 (C. Racano), Physical Education 8 (C. Racano)

Time Sept. 03, 2019

All Elementary and Middle school grade students will be graded using a scale designed to assess students ability to…

Prepare for class appropriately
Participate actively and enthusiastically
Performance of skills at age appropriate levels (Unit Specific Skills Tests)
Knowledge of concepts, skills, strategies, and rules specific to lesson.
Responsible behavior including sportsmanship.

The majority of a student’s grade is derived from their daily active participation in the classroom setting.  For this reason, students need to actively participate in all class activities to earn credit towards the performance portion of their grade.  In order to participate, students need to be dressed appropriately for physical activity, including athletic clothing and footwear.  Students can then maximize their daily grade through active participation, engagement in skill development, and demonstration of appropriate social behaviors (respect, sportsmanship, etc.).

9-10 points
Demonstrates highly active participation, self-motivated.
Demonstrates and models positive behavior and attitude.
Demonstrates active engagement in skill and fitness development during class.
Demonstrates the ability to evaluate and assess strategies and rules associated with the game/activity.

7-8 points
Demonstrates active participation in class activity, needs no encouragement.
Demonstrates appropriate positive behavior and attitude.
Demonstrates and understands the need for active skill acquisition and fitness development.
Demonstrates an understanding of the rules and can apply them to the game/activity.

5-6 points
Demonstrates some participation in class with encouragement.
Demonstrates appropriate behavior or attitude.
Demonstrates some willingness and effort to improving skill and personal fitness levels.
Demonstrates an understanding of the rules and the ability to follow some of them in the game/activity.

3-4 points
Demonstrates engagement in activity for only a short period of time and/or needs frequent encouragement to engage in activity.
Demonstrates appropriate behavior or attitude on an inconsistent basis.
Demonstrates limited willingness to engage in skill and fitness development.
Demonstrates limited understanding of the rules of the game/activity.

1-2 points
Demonstrates little or no participation despite encouragement.
Demonstrates poor behavior and attitude; disrupts class.
Demonstrates no willingness to improve skills or fitness levels.
Demonstrates little or no knowledge of the rules of the game/activity.

0 points
Student is in class but unprepared, or student is absent from class due to illness or other excused reason. Under either of these circumstances, class may be made up within TEN school days of the absence with parent note  and/or make up assignment.
0 points
Student is absent from class for after multiple unexcused reasons or cutting violation. No makeup is possible; daily points are forfeited.

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