3rd Grade Science Updates


from:Graham, Mr. Anthony

to:3rd Grade Science

Time Oct. 23, 2013

The 3rd graders just finished Unit 1!

In this life science unit students investigated in depth the similarities and differences among animals and used several familiar attributes, such as skeleton, skin covering, and limbs to compare and classify these organisms. They explored the concept that all vertebrates have specific physical and behavioral characteristics that assist animals in surviving in their environment. Students identified and compared various animal structures that are used for controlling temperature, assist in food-getting, protect and support the animal, and assist in movement – all of which help the animal survive in the wild. They learned how changes in the environment affect all animals and that, over time, they must adapt to the environment, alter their environment, or perish. Students applied their beginning knowledge of specific characteristics and structures of animals in designing models, illustrations, and exhibits that presented these concepts in a visual format to share with others both in and outside the classroom.

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