4th grade Science Update


from:Graham, Mr. Anthony

to:4th Grade Science

Time Oct. 23, 2013

Through the scientific predictions, observations, and experiments students have explored the world of simple machines. So far we have discussed the following simple machines: gears, wheel and axles, levers.

LEGO Education has a 4C approach to its curriculum: connect, construct, contemplate, and continue.

  • In connect the students connect the LEGO Education stories and models to real-life experiences and surroundings.
  • Construct allows students use building instructions in order to construct models covering the concepts related to the simple machine in focus.
  • The contemplate stage involves students investigating the models they have constructed. Through these investigations, students will learn to observe and compare results from tests that they make, and to report on their observations.
  • Continued learning is always more enjoyable and creative when it is sufficiently challenging. Extension ideas are therefore provided to encourage the students to change or add features to their models and to investigate further- always with the key learning area in mind.

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