from:Klugerman, Rabbi Tzvi

to:6th Grade Chumash

Time Dec. 05, 2013

In our effort to expnad our knowledge and differentiate between what we think a word means and the actual defnition, yesterday's homework was to write on a page in the chumash notebook the definitions of the following words:

Knowledge; Belief; Fact: Context;

as these terms come up frequently in our study of chumash. While the majority of the students did the 5 minute assignment, many did not and did not make the most of the learning opportunity in class. 

Homework for tomorrow:

1) The students need to find a dictionary defniniton of the word "Opinion" 

2) Students were also given a sheet with 2 - 3 psukim from the Shira (Ex 15 1-19)

They have to identify words they do not know, try to figure out the shoresh for those words and then translate the words in the grid provided. If they need more room they are to continue on the back of the page. 

Then they are to translate the psukim into a language they understand. If they use a published translation, they need to be able to define (not explain) everyword used in their translation. (This is a warning to those who limke to use Google translate or the 1917 JPS translation of the bible available on the web or Artscroll) 


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