from:Bandos, Mr. Gerad

to:All Students

Time March 13, 2014

Attention: I am using one e-mail for all of the classes. Find your section.

Eighth Grade

Your quiz will be moved to Tuesday, March 18. It is very likely you will be spending Monday doing Purim activities.

You had an article due Monday. Cancel it. (If you already wrote one, save it for the last deadline. Monday, April 28)

I will most likely postpone the second Quiz from Thursday, March 20, to Tuesday, March 25.


I won't see you until Monday because of senior homes. Please remember your procedures are due Monday.


Minchah will run long because of leyning, and class will dismiss at 3:40. We will have a class of about 20-30 minutes, during which time I will check and go over questions A and B of the NASA packet, and address some of the very good points that were brought up by students after class with regard to the quiz. (If you're not in class then, you won't benefit from the outcomes of that discussion.)


You should have had articles due on Wednesday. Those will be presented on Monday.

We'll be doing a lab also at that time.


Stay safe, and warm!

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