from:Govier, Mr. Michael

to:11th/12th Grade AP Psychology

Time Sept. 15, 2014

Hello everyone. Your first lab is tomorrow in Tuesday's class. It is mandatory. This is the first lab so I will be extra stingy for anybody who does not complete this assignment. It's vital that you use your time wisely and is an excellent skill builder for independence and autonomy. DO NOT DO THIS ASSIGNMENT AHEAD OF TIME. YOUR EMAIL SUBMISSION TIME STAMP WILL TELL ME IF YOU COMPLETED THE ASSIGNMENT OUTSIDE OF THE LAB TIME OF 3-3:45.

Go to our psychology text book website. Log in and click on Unit 2 PsychSim5 on Descriptive Stats. Use your computer to complete this assignment. If you don't have a computer head to the medai center to complete this assignment on one of the Mac's. You will receive a zero if you do not complete this assignment in the 45 minutes you have been allotted.

This will be due by 3:45 in class Tuesday, September 16th through email submission. At the end of the tutorial you will be asked to submit your completed assignment to my email which is

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