from:Klugerman, Rabbi Tzvi

to:8th Grade Medieval Jewish History

Tuesday’s Test will contain both straight forward fact questions and thought questions.  Thought questions will ask you to look at the documents that we studied and recall the analysis we did and the trends that were in evidence.
For Monday’s review, bring your documents to class. I have attached the documents for you to print out at home if you do not have them. [CAVEAT- I may not have access to all the documents electronically at the moment]
Here is a list of documents-
The stone relief of Judas, The responsum of the RADBaZ, Easter Observed in 189, Council o Nicea, Jews of later Roman Law, Constitution for the Jews of Innocent III and Gregory X, Letter of Innocent III to Philip Augustus, Fourth Lateran Council of 1215 Concerning the Jews.
Hints for studying the documents:
Individual Documents and Primary Sources
• As you review the documents that we analyzed in class or were assigned for homework keep in mind the following cues that will help you prepare for the exam on Tuesday.
• Who is the author?
• Who is the intended audience?
• Why did the author write the article? What was the author’s purpose for writing the article?
• What were the explicit assumptions or attitudes that form the author’s perspective? What words or phrases reveal that perspective?
• How does the article fit with other documents the author wrote? Do the documents as a whole bear out the perspective that you assumed?

Groups of Documents Describing a Trend
• How does a set of documents demonstrate that an attitude or perspective changed over time?
• How does a set of documents demonstrate a situation that either got better or became worse, or did not change?
Critical Reading of Secondary Document
As we worked on in class, you will be given a short passage written by a historian at the 8th grade level. You will be required to explain the argument and then whether you agree or disagree. In your answer you will be required to support your argument with evidence from the documents. Since this is a test (and not an essay) you will not be required to quote exactly from the documents but you will need to reference them in your writing.

Good Luck

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