Workbook Links for THis week- 1/19-1/22

from:Klugerman, Rabbi Tzvi

to:8th Grade Hebrew Language I

Time Jan. 19, 2015

files: SNow Day questions 1-18-2015.docx ,   ulpanor joke.jpg

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find the article for the snow days.

Download the attached worksheet and use the article and audio to assist you in answering the questions. Answer and fill it in using your Hebrew keyboard in WORD.

When you are done, look at the attempt at Israeli humor in the attached Jpg.

This is the translation:

A lawyer's dog gets into a butcher shop and steals a piece of meat.

The butcher goes to the lawyer's office and asks, "If a dog steals a piece of meat from my store, do I have a right to demand payment for the meat from the dog's owner?"

The lawyer answers, "Absolutely!"

"Then you owe me 50 shekels. Your dog was loose and stole meat from me today."

The lawyer immediately writes the butcher a check for 50 shekels. The butcher is happy and leaves.

Three days later, the butcher receives a bill from the lawyer: 500 shekels due for a consultation.

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