Welcome Back- make sure you can access a Google Doc and share it


from:Klugerman, Rabbi Tzvi

to:8th Grade Medieval Jewish History

Time Jan. 04, 2016

Welcome back. We are now going to transisiton to using Google Docs for our writing assignments. This will make reading, editing, and correcting easier. It will also make tracking the document easier.

This writing assignment will be done in a google doc. Please open a google doc with your akiva.org email address. If you do not know your akiva.org email address or the password, please see Mr. Steven Palizzi (steven.palizzi@akiva.org) for the log on info and put your essay/paragraph into a google doc and share it with me (tzvi.klugerman@akiva.org).


Most of you began this assignment before the winter break. We will pick it up again on Monday and Tuesday. Your final draft is due Tuesday.

It is argued that much of the Charter of the Duke of Austria to the Jews was dervie from the Charter of the Bishop of Speyer. Do you agre or not? Prove your opinion with citations from both charters. (You will need to compare and contrast the charter of SPeyer with the Charter of the Duchy of Austria).

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