General Psychology updates

to:GenPsych 120 F2013

Time Nov. 24, 2013

Hello all,

Quiz 2 scores have been updated on, finally!

If you were in class last week, you learned that the next exam will be a online take-home exam. I will do my best to post the exam by tomorrow (Monday, 11/25) evening and it will be due by Wednesday, 11/27-- No exceptions!! When the quiz is ready, I will post the link.

The homework that you will turn in on December 3 will be the last homework of the year, so please turn it in. Now that I know how many homework assignments you have, I know the exact points that each homework assignment will be worth (7.5 points, except for the emotion homework assignment which was a two part assignment and will be worth 10 points). I will adjust all your previous scores so don't worry about those yet.

I have caught up with scoring your emotion assignment but still have to score your book chapter quiz homework assignments.

After last class I forgot to point out the second extra credit assignment on the second to the last slide. The extra credit assignment will be due on December 10, 2013.

See you on Tuesday-- we will be discussing Social Psychology. It will be a very interesting lecture!

Dr. Harris

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