General Psychology 120 Class Updates: Exam 3, Homework, Extra Credit, etc.

to:All Students

Time Dec. 13, 2013

Dear Students:

Please read this email fully and pay close attention to these updates:

Final Exam

Like Exam 2, Exam 3 will be posted on line. I'll try to post it by December 17 a.m. The exam will close the very next day on December 18, 2013 by midnight.

I will accept NO excuses for missing the exam. You should check your computer connections prior to December 17 and if you plan to find access to a proper functioning computer with internet connection before then.

The final exam will cover the text chapters 13 -16 and the last 3 lectures on Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology & Mental Health (both Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy).

Extra Credit

All extra credit assignments are due on December 17, 2013, no exceptions. You may submit your extra credit assignments to me by email.

Extra credit assignments can be found in the dropbox, including the Kauai Study and the Kauai Study Questions.

The Implicit Association Test assignment can be found at the end of lecture 11, which is posted in the dropbox. Both extra credit assignments are described in

Please put EFFORT into your extra credit assignments. Obtaining full credit is very easy to do, however if it appears your work is rushed or if you did a sloppy job, I will deduct points.


No late homework assignments will be accepted. I will review only those homework assignments that have already been submitted to me by email as of December 10, 2013.

Class on December 17, 2013. There will be no class lecture on December 17. Please come to class if you wish to turn in your extra credit assignments in person or receive returned homework or extra credit assignments.

I have not finished grading the last homework assignment on the personality inventories. I also have not updated the attendance. My goal is to get through that this weekend.


If you have questions or concerns, please do not wait until the last minute, because grades are due to the registrar’s office very quickly after the last day of class.

I wish you the best of luck on all your classes, exams, and wrapping up this semester!!



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