General Psychology Exam 3

to:All Students

Time Dec. 16, 2013


General Psychology Exam 3 is now live. You may begin to take the exam now. I will keep the exam open until Thursday evening.

Please use either of the following links to access the exam:

IMPORTANT: I will accept no responses after Thursday, December 19, 2013.

Please make sure your computer connections are secure. It is too your advantage to atttempt to take the exam by Wednesday, December 18, to ensure that there are no issues with computers, etc.

Please turn in all extra credit by tomorrow, December 17, 2013. You may turn in all extra credit assignments by e-mail if you wish.

It is not necessary for you to come to class tomorrow, unless:

1) You would like to receive returned homework or quiz assignments.

2) You would like to turn in hard copy your extra credit assignments.

3) You have other questions for me.

I will be in class by 6:30.

Good luck!


Dr. Harris

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