Please read: Exam Closes Tonight. Make sure your name is on the list.

to:All Students

Time Dec. 30, 2013

Dear Students,

Remember that today is the LAST day to take the exam.  I will disable the exam by tonight (3 days is quite generous for an on-line open book final exam). UNFORTUNATELY, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCEPT ANY EXCUSES.

In reviewing the responses, I noticed that some of you did not, or forgot to respond to the short answer response. If you did not respond to the short answer question, please log back on to the test. Re-enter your name and email address ONLY and then skip to the last page of the exam to write in a response for the short answer question.

If you respond to any of the questions a second time, I will accept your first answer only. 

The following is the list of names of people whom I have exam results for. If your name is not on this list, you have about 12 hours left  to complete the exam.

1.       Thelma Naranjo

2.       Ryan james Sabiniano

3.       Tina Hoang

4.       Marcela Cortez

5.       Desire Pochard

6.       Alex Parks

7.       Natalie  Covarrubias

8.       Nicholas DeCaires

9.       Wendy Maxson

10.   Christopher Hudnell

11.   Kaitlyn Lewis

12.   Emaly Torres

13.   Camilla Martin Del Campo

14.   jordin rogers

15.   Alicia Deters

16.   Alessandra Villella

17.   Kamerin Harnois

18.   Haley Kara

19.   Anna Loch

20.   Liliana Rivera

21.   Alejandro Gomez

22.   ashley fontes

23.   lily beltran

24.   Kayla Newtn

25.   briana urrutia

26.   Celiane Piedra

27.   Alexis Jimenez

28.   Breanna McClanahan

29.   Tara  Russell

30.   Christian Ali Robledo

31.   Justin Smith

32.   Shai Crump

33.   Javonte Wills


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