to:Gen Psych 120 Sp14

Time April 25, 2014

Dear Class:


The link to exam quiz 2 and exam 2 is here:


The exam will be due Monday May 5, 2014 at 1pm.


This will give me time to get results to you by our next class on May 8.


There will be no class on May 1, 2014. I hope you will use this time to work on the exam and to work on your homework assignment. I will use the time to catch up on grading!!


The homework assignment is as follows:



Go to and take Kersey Temp Sorter II personality inventory or go to and take the test.
Review the descriptions of your personality (what does your type mean)?
Critique findings (the "results"), and answer the following questions:
A. Does it fit in with what you know about yourself?
B. Would your family/friends agree?
C. Does your personality differ according to situations? Give an example.
Please be thorough... you should write about two paragraphs.

Be prepared to discuss the homework in class!


There is also an extra credit assignment listed on one of the last slides in the last lecture (check the dropbox at I will discuss this a bit more in our next course.

Good luck!

Professor Harris

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