Broadcast Notes- Saturday August 24th

to:All Students

Time Aug. 23, 2013


Greetings! Tomorrow marks the official beginning of the 2013-2014 broadcast season! The anchors will remain the same, Daniel and Miriam as co-anchors, Danielle on the news, and Andrew on the weather. Juliette, Caitlin, and Alexis will also remain National Correspondents. It should though be noted that this is Juliettes final year of high school and will in part be her final year on the team.She in part also will be presented with aa few more unique oppurtunities throughout the course of the year than all else, but first things first back to the broadcast, tomorrow we will be broadcasting live from outside the studio on the plaza becuase of the ongoing renovations in Studio 1A. Some segments, mainly interviews may be done inside the studio, the main anchor desk however, chairs. the couch, basically the homebase area will be set up outside on the plaza. 

It also should be noted that we're going to be having some pretty high profile guests coming to join us tomorrow  in terms of One Direction. The crowd will be insane, teen age girls galour, everyones going to be going absolutly crazy. Get prepped for the loudness, get a good nights rest and we'll see ya'll bright and early tomorrow. By the way if anyone tries to sweet talk you into getting tickets, the anwers absolutly not. Have a good one ya'll.

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