Welcome to Algebra 2!


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Time Aug. 31, 2013

Welcome to Algebra 2!

I’m looking forward to helping you continue your study of Algebra this year at HIS. Our textbook is “Intermediate Algebra, 7th edition by Charles P. McKeague. This book has been used in the past at CCBC for MATH 083 – Intermediate Algebra. My hope is that after you have finished this course you will be able to take the math placement test at CCBC and score well enough to avoid taking any remedial classes.

The textbook is comprised of 11 Chapters with about 5-6 sections per chapter. Each section represents one 1 hour lesson. In order to complete the lessons by mid-May, we will spend about 2 weeks on each chapter. NOTE: Since this class is not really part of Heritage, we will be using thinkwave.com for online grading instead of engrade.com.


• Homework   50%
• Quizzes/Tests  50%


 Will be assigned daily but only collected on MONDAY (except when we don’t have class on Monday, then it will be collected Wednesday).
 NO late assignments will be accepted.
 Instructor will indicate which assignment will be collected.
 Approximately 30 problems will be assigned each day. NEATNESS counts, if I can’t read your answers or find them, you don’t get credit


 A take-home quiz will be assigned for each Chapter.
 The quiz must be turned in during the next class meeting.
 NO late quizzes will be accepted.

• A test will be given for each Chapter and will usually be given in class

In order to be successful in Algebra 2, come to class ON TIME & prepared – with your assignments completed. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand. Take notes during class.

I am expecting to have a great year in Algebra 2 and hope you are too!  If you (or your parents) have any questions or comments, please contact me at elizabethamywilliams@verizon.net

Thank you -  Amy Williams, Math Tutor

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