from:Sewell, Dr. Tara

to:All Students

Time Sept. 28, 2013

All math assignments must be completed using a pencil. Points are deducted for not using a pencil to complete your assignments. I try to have pencils in the classroom for your use, however it is your responsibility to come to school prepared everyday. You should be considerate and return your borrowed pencils to Tinker Bell so that the next person, who may be you, has a pencil. All of my students know what Tinker Bell is. So, if you are reading this as a parent/guardian, I encourage you to ask your scholar about Tinker Bell. I am finding pencils on the floor and abandoned on desks at the end of the day. This is inconsiderate behavior. You should get your pencil from Tinker Bell BEFORE class starts. It is inappropriate to cry out in class asking others for a pencil and doing so will cause your class preparation test grade to be lowered by one point per occurrence. If you have time to hang out in the hall, you have time to make sure you are prepared for class. Please contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this matter. Mrs. Sewell

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