to:All Students

Time Sept. 28, 2013

Scholars of the Week
We are pleased to share our biggest week to date for the 2013-14 academic year where nearly half of our school earned Scholar of The Week honors for separating themselves from their peers by completing every assignment in a particular class at the highest level.
This is our largest offering of outstanding CCA scholars this year so your morning coffee and a donut before settling in to see where your scholar stands ....
Algebra 1 - Dorian Smith
Algebra 2 - Emmanuel Johnson
Chemistry - Jordan Burgess, Kwame Camon, Therese Gilmore, Malik Kuwornu
Creative Writing - Jaylen Harris, Breonn Hughey, Yemayah Johnson
Cultural Studies - Asha Malima
English 10 - Nia Jordan, John Sterling
English 11 - Tea Barnett, Jordan Burgess, Kwame Camon, Therese Gilmore, Malik Kuwornu
Geometry - Kedar Rollins
Honors Chemistry - Asha Malima, Jaylen McKoy
Physical Science - Maya Calder, Joshua Ross-Reid
Pre Algebra - Cameron Goode
Pre Calculus - Jaylen Harris, Asha Malima
SAT Prep - Ronnie Rountree
Statistics - Keyshane Hinckley
Technology - Niyah Brewer, Emanuel Roberts, Dorian Smith
U.S. Government - Maya Calder
U.S. History - Shannon Dozier
World History - Jeffrey Anane, Jordan Burgess, Therese Gilmore, Keyshane Hinckley

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